corporate responsibility

We Support Local Communities

Together with our employees, franchisees and diverse network of businesses, we remain dedicated to serving our guests and local communities. We take pride in working hard to support one another and inspiring others to become their best selves.

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Our Commitment

We have a strong passion to help others and are committed to supporting the communities that we serve. Therefore we are launching several new initiatives that aimed at creating economic opportunities in AB and BC.

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Decades Of Social Responsibility in local communities

The Levasseur Family has always been committed to supporting the communities we work in and truly care about.
This has lead to some major new initiatives our company is working on and we are very excited to announce.

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Levasseur Community Trust

The Levasseur Community Trust will enable to continue Gerry’s great charitable work, for many years to come. A donation of $2 for every night you stay with INNHotels at any of our ten hotels will directly support local communities. 50% will support local community initiatives and 50% will support local registered charities.

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ShopInn Local

ShopINN Local Is Provided by The INNHotels’ “Family”. Dedicated To Supporting Local Families, Communities And Small Businesses located in Alberta And British Columbia.

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Rocky Mountain Art Tour

A once in a lifetime dream vacation through the Canadian Rockies going through Jasper, Canmore, Invermere and more. There are so many creative, culturally unique, and passionate artists that are excited to share their time and talents. Each community has an abundance of unique cultural experiences to guarantee a true Canadian Adventure.

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GoINN Green

In order to move forward with this vision, we have partnered with Sustainable Tourism2030. As a goal for our company, we aim at creating a sustainability strategy, which will help us measure and improve our practices at each location, educe our carbon footprint and go greener with our development.